Joe Vickers Gromzee: A Surf Trip Through Outer Space

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Gromzee: A Surf Trip Through Outer Space” 

This is a surf comic book about a little alien surfer dude named Gromzee and his best buddy searching the cosmos for a few empty waves, away from the crowds... as we all know, it's never quite that easy! I loved every second of making this book and I hope surfers from around the universe will enjoy it too.

Here are all the details:

-Hardcover book with high-quality matte finish

-48 pages of hand-drawn illustrations using pen, marker and watercolor

-There are (almost) no words in this book... the story is told through comic style panels

-Book dimensions = 8.5 x 11.75”

-Appropriate for surfers of all ages, from all planets :)

-First printing!

-Made in the USA